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Are there a lot of monsters in the world?

There are numerous monsters located throughout the world in nearly every environment. These monsters range from enormous and slow rock and metal golems to the slow and nimble spiders of the jungle and forests. There are different types of monsters, from the indigenous types to the elemental and undead. Undead monsters are typically found in blighted areas serving the Withered Aegis and are often deadlier and more intelligent than other monsters.

Do the monsters work together to make battles challenging?

Many monsters work together to make battles more challenging. Indigenous monsters will often protect their young when attacked or call for help if the battle goes poorly. Withered Aegis monsters, undead, will often work together in groups to defeat you and your companions. Many undead are also talented spell casters and will frequently use character schools that you may recognize.

What kind of rewards are available from monsters?

A variety of rewards are available when you slay monsters in Istaria. Resources, technique components, trophy items, refurbished items, formulae, hoardables, trinkets, and many other types of loot drop from slain monsters.

What is the Withered Aegis?

The Withered Aegis is a powerful cadre of necromancers and evil beings bent on the utter conquest and destruction of the player's world and the Living Races (as the free peoples of Istaria are called). The Withered Aegis employ a variety of foul servants to fulfill their nefarious purposes, from the undead (zombies, ghosts, mummies, skeletons) to deadly beasts from other planes (Kwellen, Vexator) to hideous constructs (Abominations, Aegror).

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