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What types of currency exist in Istaria?

Copper, Silver, Gold and Mithril coins are the standard currencies of Istaria. Trainers and merchants will almost always ask for payment in coinage.

How can I earn wealth in Istaria?

Players have several main revenues streams. The first is by killing and looting monsters. Monsters sometimes have currency and various sellable items, like resources, formulae, trophies, and gems on them. The second is by completing quests. Not all quests reward currency, but many do. The third is, of course, selling items you have made to other players on the consigner. Finally, building homes and improving another player's plot is also lucrative if the player is generous.

How do I sell my wares to other players?

There are two types of NPC Merchants in game. Consigners and Pawn Brokers are available to help move goods through the world. Consigners help players sell their wares to others in the world, while Pawn Brokers will purchase goods immediately, but for a reduced price. Consigners will take your items and display them for a period of time (up to 14 days) at a price that you specify. They do, however, charge a fee for holding onto your item. This is typically a percentage of the sale price you are asking.

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