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Welcome to the Istaria FAQ !

If you are new to Istaria, the links above will direct you to anything you might want to know about the game, what you can find in game, the beings you may encounter and the world that you can help create. If you have further questions, there are a few places that can provide more information.

You can ask a question on the player forums:

The knowledge base has lots of technical questions and answers:

Browsing around the community site:

But the best place to find information and learn about the expansive world that is Istaria, is to simply download the game, create a character and interact with all the other players. There are many who like to play the Tour Guide of Istaria mini-game. So ask around if you need assistance as you explore the towns, create items and buildings, and fight to destroy the Withered Aegis!

If you don't have a copy of Istaria, a free download is available here:

If the links above don't cover your questions, please contact customer support at

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