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Can my character own property?

Yes - Each subscription entitles a player to own one plot of land at any one time. Plots are available throughout the game world from the settled lands in the west to the Frontier in the distant east. New plots are added to the game from time to time as new lands become available or are reclaimed. Plots are purchased at the plot itself, either from the Empire or from another player. Once you own a plot of land (or a lair) you can build (or have built) many different types of structures on that property such as houses, shops, fountains, factories, etc. You can place them anywhere on the plot you want within the confines of the borders (for lairs chambers must fit within the confines of the plot in 3-dimensions). Players are able to sell their plots as well, either to another player or back to the Empire.

What can I build on my property and what purpose does it provide?

A large variety of structures and chambers are available for construction on plots and in lairs. These structures provide benefits from storage of items and resources to machines that are used in tradeskills to player-run merchants. Player-built machines often provide bonuses to crafting skills when they are used.

Can my friends and I have our own town?

Players are able to build structures on plots of land that they own and create a town, but any player can do so, and only in areas that are pre-designated. You and your friends can certainly build a town together, but you would not necessarily be able to be the only ones in that town unless you have carefully coordinated your efforts.

Can my character's property be destroyed?

A character's personal property is never destroyed. A character might not be able to get to a piece of property that they own because the Withered Aegis have taken over the town that the property is in, but the buildings and property itself will remain intact. Typically the most dangerous lands, in the Frontier, can have this occur, but safer lands to the west rarely if ever encounter dangers near their plots.

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