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What kind of world is Istaria played in?

Istaria is played in a vast land of high fantasy. Battles are won through the might of a handcrafted sword and the power of magical spells. Fantastic creatures, from the horrors of the risen dead to the majesty of the ancient dragons, prowl the land. Heroes arise to protect civilization from marauding beasts, journey to distant lands, create wondrous objects, and complete epic quests.

How big is the world?

The world of Istaria is huge! Encompassing two continents and numerous small and large islands, Istaria is a massive world filled with many different environments, towns, cities, NPCs and monsters all available for you to visit and explore. In terms of size, Istaria contains over 900 square kilometers of land to explore and settle.

What types of environments are there in the world?

There are many different environments in Istaria, from the deserts of central Istaria to the jungles of Lesser Aradoth, from the blizzards of Trandalar in the distant north to the deadly blight in the east near the Great Barrier.

Are there dungeons?

There are underground adventuring areas, and Dragons may create intriguing underground labyrinths for their lairs, including special chambers and dragon machines.

Is my character able to affect the story of the world?

Yes, you can. Players can build all kinds of structures in the world that are permanent or near-permanent changes. There are large-scale events that take place in the world, with players determining the outcome. Those events can shape the world and dynamically change the story line. Some of the changes players contribute to a world may only be temporary, but the ability to apply your will to the world of Istaria and see the result makes Istaria unique.

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