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Are there classes that my character can join?

There are many schools available as both an adventurer and a craftsman. There are 27 adventurer schools, of which 7 are considered ''base'' schools and the remaining 20 are ''prestige'' schools. Prestige schools have requirements to join, typically a number of levels in one or more base schools. There are also 19 trade schools, of which 6 are ''base'' and 13 are ''prestige''. For Dragons, there is only one adventurer school, but there are three trade schools (Dragon Crafter, Lairshaper and Crystal Shaper).

Once I join a school, am I limited to that one forever?

Istaria allows players to multi-school. You can only have one adventurer and one crafting school active at a time, but you can switch back and forth as often as you please by simply visiting a school trainer. Some abilities and skills carry over from school to school, helping create a melting pot of skills that you can use to define your character in the game.

Can I kill other players?

No. You will only be able to kill computer-controlled opponents. A limited form of PvP is available in the Arena, but it is solely there for the entertainment of the players and has no bearing on the growth of your character or on the outcome of the world. Furthermore, players must actively choose to enter the Arena in order to engage in combat against other players.

How do I gain experience as a character?

You gain experience while adventuring by fighting and slaying monsters and enemies. But if you are a craftsman, you can gain experience by making items such as swords or spells without ever leaving town. You are also able to gain experience by completing quests.

Are there quests and rewards for my character?

There are numerous quests throughout the world of Istaria. Quests are offered by a variety of NPCs, from merchants to school trainers, to lonely NPCs found in the wild on remote islands. There are numerous rewards for completing quests and you can gain wealth, experience, or even rare and valuable items from embarking upon quests.

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