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Am I able to create my own items?

Yes, you are. The majority of items in Istaria are created by players, except for basic armor, weapons and spells handed out to new characters by trainers. Items are created by gathering resources from the game world and processing those resources into intermediate and finished forms using machines and tools, or in the case of Dragons by using machines and abilities.

How does my character improve its crafting skills?

You can improve your crafting skills by creating items using the resources you have gathered. The higher the level in your crafting school, the more efficient you become at resource processing and item creation. You can also purchase additional formulae from which items are made and learn how to make new and exciting items.

Where do resources come from?

Resources are gathered from one of two sources. There are resource ''nodes'' that are found in the wild and that can be gathered from. Other types of resources, such as technique components, are gathered from the corpses of monsters you have slain.

What are techniques?

Techniques are earned abilities that can be applied during the creation of an item, or sometimes after an item (called post-creation techniques). These abilities allow the crafter to modify the item so that the resulting one has additional powers or modification statistics. Not all items can have techniques applied to them, and some items can have multiple techniques applied. The more powerful the resulting item, the more skillful the owner of that item must be in order to wield such power.

Are the items I make in demand by other players?

Many items, especially techniqued items, are in demand by players throughout Istaria. Finding the right market and the right price can be a challenge. Balancing the time spent gathering the resources with the time spent hunting for the right market is very important to the pricing and potential sale of the items you have created

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