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What exactly is a guild?

In order to pursue the goals that are more difficult than one player can easily handle alone; players might form a guild. Guilds are formed to pursue larger social, political and organization objectives beyond the scope of just a single group.

What does it take to form a guild?

A guild may be started with as little as one member, but it will not have earned the right to have all of the perks of a larger guild, such as a guild name. Probationary guilds are given a temporary name by the Hall of Guilds until they reach sufficient size to quality for proper naming. When the Guild has registered five members the Guild Leader is asked to submit a name to the Hall of Guilds for approval.

Do I have to be in a guild to play Istaria?

No, Istaria does not mandate participation in a guild. We do think that guilds can provide an enjoyable experience for players.

What are the benefits of being the Guild Leader?

The Guild Leader can create ranks and give those ranks a title. The Guild Leader may title the ranks with names that indicate a hierarchy, but the ranks themselves do not enforce this. All ranks have a series of permissions that the Guild Leader can assign which enable the members of that rank to perform varying guild functions. Guild Leaders can set other information about the guild such as messages of the day, basic information about the guild, and they can manage members of the guild, recruiting or kicking them as needed

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