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Who is developing Istaria: Chronicles of the Gifted?

Istaria is developed and maintained by the hard-working and dedicated folks at Virtrium.

Where can I get Istaria?

Istaria is available to download for free here.

What graphics cards does Istaria support?

All Nvidia cards above a GeForce 2. All ATI cards above a Radeon 7200. Intel Extreme Graphics 2 and greater (with a 2 Ghz or higher CPU).

How much does it cost?

Istaria has free to play and paid access. Current pricing can be viewed here.

How many characters can I have?

The number of characters varies depending on the type and number of subscriptions. For more detailed info please click here.

Where can I find more information about the game-world?

We're confident that after reading about all that Istaria has to offer you'll be excited to join us.  We've set aside a portion of our website for members of the Istaria community to find and share information and news about the game.  To do so, please visit our Community Site at

- which contains information about updates, as well as more information about Istaria.  

We would also like to encourage you to join us on the game forums at
http://community.istaria.com/forum/ to join the lively discussion about the world of Istaria.

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