Previous Updates

New Awakenings

New Trismus
The beloved town whose destruction brought much sadness to the Gifted and all of Istaria has undergone a transformation! Rebuilt above the ruins of the old town, despite the on-going threat of invasion from the Withered Aegis, the new town has new citizens, new structures and is more alive than ever!

Spirit Isle
Gifted bipeds awake and find themselves on Spirit Isle, greeted by none other than the Spirit of Ryson Stormbringer himself. Now others have joined him on the island and have built a community to help the newly awakened Gifted as they begin their new journey into the world. The Dryad have also had a hand in the island's rebirth and there is much to see and love on the island's hillsides.

Sslanis and Kion
It is a season of growth, not only in New Trismus and on Spirit Isle, but on Lesser Aradoth as well. The Saris home of Kion and the Sslik home of Sslanis have undergone transformations, with new buildings, new people, and more to see and do. Don't forget to visit the new Kion Market or farm on the terraced slopes of the Kion Volcano. Beware if you venture south as you might encounter The Burning Legion for even now the Kion Volcano rumbles and spits molten lava into the sea.

As with all updates, there are lots of other "smaller changes", so consider having a look at the release notes. The developers always take time to tweak and fix things all over the world.

Whether you are just starting on your journey in Istaria, or you are an experienced warrior of many years, the people of Istara need your help. Will you heed their call?

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