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The Cults Chapter II

The Cults Chapter II

The Hoarfrost Vale overlooks the community of Frostwatch and was once an idyllic, if somewhat cold, valley that travelers used between Tazoon and Kirasanct in the northern mountains.

Now, however, the valley has become a place of danger and death as the Cult of Akkinelos, whose members pay homage to Akkinelos, a long forgotten goddess of ice and sorrow. As their influence spreads, so does the reach of their massive icy scorpions and their terrible plagues. Beware the Hoarfrost Vale for it is no longer safe for the unwary!

Earthquakes have shaken the canyons between Tazoon and New Rachival, opening new passages while closing others. Travel and trade to the east with Granite Hills has begun to flourish through a new passage in the canyon walls.

Danger has become ever-present in the canyons, however, as another cult, this one worshipping Telak, the ancient god of technology and of the moon, has grown and flourished. Be careful should you travel within the canyons for the Cult and their automatons have begun to threaten travelers and traders alike!

The loyal Gnomes in New Rachival are in a tizzy over this cult and, in particular, in the hints at a greater darkness that may lie at the heart of the people of New Rachival and the fall of their homeland many years ago.

In recent weeks, the New Rachival Defense Force has constructed walls and additional fortifications around the town and several pitched battles have been fought against the aggressive cultists to the south and east.

The Empire has authorized the consolidation and expansion of numerous land plots across its breadth. Many have been enlarged, while others were merged with their neighboring plots creating greater space for construction. The Empire's hope is that this will spur growth and cause a flurry of new construction in many, previously desolate communities across the land! In addition to the enlargement of land plots, some communities have received generous transportation upgrades (improved roads, additional teleport gates and pads) along with a major beautification from the Dryad-led Bureau of Underutilized Land and Beautification (better known as B.U.L.B.).

As with all updates, there are lots of other "smaller changes", so consider having a look at the release notes. The developers always take time to tweak and fix things all over the world.

Whether you are just starting on your journey in Istaria, or you are an experienced warrior of many years, the people of Istara need your help. Will you heed their call?

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