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The Eastern Outpost


The Bureau of Observances and Observations (B.O.O) for the Empire has approved a new observance! The proper permits have been submitted and approval has been made to host an event each spring on the island of New Brommel, with special ordinances having been provided to allow land to be reserved specifically for this event.
To be called "Through the Glass Portal", this festival will bring Gifted and non-Gifted alike to the island to celebrate the renewal of life that comes to the world each spring.


spring festival

But even with that threat looming in the east, a few resilient members of the committee which first planned the event have gathered on New Brommel to celebrate the season. Special tents have been erected, and the plans are available for any willing to help out Ssaulios where the Gifted can gather for a bite to eat and rest far away from the troubles of the east.
Special lair murals and banners have been commissioned as well to celebrate the season. And best of all, plants cultivated last fall have begun to bloom. And don't forget to talk to Torailean about your festival wear, as there are new masks and headscales for you to adorn yourself with while you celebrate.


spy camp

Unfortunately, though, this year the event planners have had some difficulty in gaining all the help that is needed to support an event because out on the eastern most edge of the Empire itself the Withered Aegis are stirring. The commander of the Eastern Outpost, Sergeant Akkator, has put out an urgent call to the most powerful of the Gifted to come to his aid.
He believes that there are agents of the Withered Aegis who have escaped the Eastern Deadlands, a region once thought to be confined to a relatively small and well guarded area. Patrols have gone missing, and there is a sense that something is stirring in the area that could have repercussions which will spread across the whole of the Empire if this new threat is not contained.


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