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A seasonal festival of Gnomish origin that celebrates the Winter Solstice and season using Gnomish traditions and culture. Originally introduced in the year 23 A.R. (After Ritual)
(2007 for Non-Istarians), the festival has grown over the years. This year, the Bureau of Observances (aka BoO) anticipated that it would be so big that it needed its own island! The Bureau procured the island of New Koraelia and the Gnomes set about making it into a wonderland of fun and excitement.

There is plenty to do at a Gnomekindle celebration, including numerous quests where you can collect specially-issued Istarian Express Checks that can be redeemed for everything from stockings to fancy clothing.

As you are questing on the island you may come across assorted Colored Ornaments. These are collectible and if you find enough you can use them to purchase the coveted Shoulder Treant!

If quests aren’t your cup of hot cocoa, then there’s plenty else to do, including an ice-skating pond, ice walls for your plot that don’t melt, or you can simply hang out and celebrate the season with your friends in true Gnomish style!


What is there to do at the Festival?

Loremaster Burl stands ready to welcome you to Gnomekindle Town on the Island of New Koraelia as you first step out of the Travel Gate. Speak with him to learn about the origins of Gnomekindle and even get your first quest!

Burl, however, is just one of four residents of the town who each have their opinions regarding the sort of decorations that should be featured on the great Gnomekindle Tree. Speak to each of them about decorations made of stone, gems, wood or even metal and then decide for yourself how you’d like next year’s tree to be decorated. Collect special tickets and vote for your favorite decoration and next year you might see your favorite ornament hanging from the tree.

Taking a tour of Gnomekindle Town you’ll likely be greeted by Dolly Day, the manager of Gnomemart, who offers a wide variety of goods for both dragons and biped customers alike.

Whether you are looking for a stocking to carry your Gnomekindle Treats in or some fancy new garb to wear, the vendors at Gnomemart have something for you. You won't have to spend your hard earned coin on their wares! At Gnomemart they only accept Istarian Express Checks or specially colored ornaments designed just for your character level.

Further up the hill, above the festivities, you can find Mr. and Mrs Clause. Both need your help with Gnomekindle preparations, and in exchange for your assistance, they will give you Istarian Express Checks which can be redeemed at Gnomemart.

Help the Mayor by delivering presents or Mrs Clause by helping her find a recipe for peppermint candies, and you'll soon have collected enough Istaria Express Checks to be buying items for both you and your friends.

That's not all you can do while in Gnomekindle Town! Every resident has their own tasks that they need your help with, so be sure and offer a friendly greeting to everyone you meet in Gnomekindle Town.


What can I buy or build?

A winter wonderland wouldn’t be complete without things to build to make your own plot wintry and fun. There are plenty of new structures for your plots, including Gnomekindle-themed murals, Winter Trees, Snowmen and Presents, even a Skating Pond and Ice Walls. Each of these can be previewed somewhere on New Koraelia so keep an eye out as you enjoy the festival!

And trade with the vendors in the festival for everything from Celestial Robes, to a special Gnomekindle outfit, stockings to carry home your Gnomekindle Treats, or presents to give your friends.


What else is going on outside of the Festival?


There’s lots of other updates in this release including Tool Dye Kits for Dragon Claws, Epic Boss known as the Son of Gigaroth has new abilities as well as his very own posse, and there’s even a new Cloth Factory near Reed Lake. You can see everything that was included in the February Update by reviewing the official release notes here.

Come celebrate the season with us in Istaria: Chronicles of the Gifted. During this special time of year, everyone is an honorary gnome for a time, and even the most Ancient of Dragons "gets their gnome on" with a bit of holiday cheer. You can keep up to date with what’s happening in Istaria by visiting the Community Website at