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Haute Couture

The world of fashion has arrived in Istaria! Designers and connoisseurs from around Istaria have brought Haute Couture, high-end Istarian fashion, to the cities of the continent. Now you can look your best, not only to your friends, but also while fighting your enemies, mining, or even building on your plot!

Long relegated to the role of support, the Monk's Council recently uncovered ancient texts that told of new moves, new forms, that have led to a rebirth of the school! It is a new day for what some may call the Neo-Monk. The school now possesses a series of abilities to build, follow-up and close out their opponents by creating attack chains, creating powerful attacks that can destroy enemies quickly and efficiently.

The powerful and fearsome Fallen Paladin known as Valkor the Impaler has relocated from his mountain-top castle. He has constructed a new fortress in a deadly land known as the Land of the Exile. Dangerous and only for the strong of arm and heart, he has acquired new minions to guard his Blood Palace and has even learned some new tricks for the unwary adventurer! Beware!

As with all updates, there are lots of other "smaller changes", so consider having a look at the release notes. The developers always take time to tweak and fix things all over the world.

Whether you are just starting on your journey in Istaria, or you are an experienced warrior of many years, the people of Istara need your help. Will you heed their call?

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