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Skalkaar Reborn

Sslanis Militia
The Sslanis Militia has encountered a growing threat to the jungle, perhaps even the island of Lesser Aradoth itself! The Bloodletters, a fierce clan of Fyakki, have overrun the Isle of the Drowned and are threatening to invade the western coast. Only the quick actions of the Sslanis Militia managed to stem the tide... for now.

Cave of Winds
The Bloodletters swarmed out of the darkness beneath the Isle of the Drowned. There, in the center of the island, a large sinkhole has appeared. Where it leads and what secrets, or perhaps treasures, are guarded by the Bloodletters in the darkness beneath the island are not known. Are you brave enough to enter?

The island of Skalkaar has undergone a transformation at the hands of the Council of Elders and the magic of the Dryad. Newly returned Gifted will be challenged more intensely, but trained and taught using the latest knowledge. They must be ready when they leave the island, for the dangers of Istaria await!

Skalkaar NPC's
To match the re-invigoration of the land, the teachers and trainers on the Island of Skalkaar have undergone a transformation as well. Improving their appearance, their dialog and the manner by which they greet and speak to the Gifted, even the way they move and explore the island for themselves. The island is once more alive and vibrant!

As with all updates, there are lots of other "smaller changes", so consider having a look at the release notes. The developers always take time to tweak and fix things all over the world.

Whether you are just starting on your journey in Istaria, or you are an experienced warrior of many years, the people of Istara need your help. Will you heed their call?

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