Previous Updates

Reklar's Reclamation

The Fall Festival has returned to the lands of Istaria and there was much rejoicing. The festival grounds have undergone a re-decoration and some new, fierce enemies have been spotted in the deepest depths of the grounds. Festival vendors have produced an array of new masks, tell new (and old) stories, added new plot decorations (murals and banners), and have expanded the functionality of old, legacy masks for all to enjoy.

Fall has come to Istaria! With the changing of the seasons, Istaria's previously green trees have begun to change the color of their leaves and even the grass on the ground has withered as winter approaches.

Knight of Creation
This adventure school has undergone a sizable overhaul including the replacement of abilities and a change in the school's purpose. The school is now focused on being a "Tank" that draws the attention of monsters to itself and attempts to hold it, protecting other party members in the process. It does this through a series of new abilities and summoned items including reactive shield abilities such as Shield Slam and taunts such as Brandish and Battle Shout. A series of quests are also available from Honored Demonte Seviris in Dalimond.

Excerpt from a report by the Imperial Scouting Corp, 33 A.R.
... Devouring Plague, led by General Reklar Plaguebearer, has greatly expanded and fortified the plateau upon which the General resides... now heavily fortified with battlements protecting what appeared to be an inner courtyard... Unknown how many guards were present, but it also appears that there are far more than previously encountered... Caution is advised if venturing deep into the deadlands...

As with all updates, there are lots of other "smaller changes", so consider having a look at the release notes. The developers always take time to tweak and fix things all over the world.

Whether you are just starting on your journey in Istaria, or you are an experienced warrior of many years, the people of Istara need your help. Will you heed their call?

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