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Niesa's Fate

Niesa's Fate

Niesa was a well-known and brilliant alchemist who was also in love with Giltekh Framtor, her one-time apprentice, but now a Master Alchemist in his own right. Ten years ago she vanished in the Eastern Deadlands while searching for components to a potion she claimed “would change everything” about the war. Begin your quest in Aradoth, and solve what happened Niesa.

When Girta Halfhand in Mahagra isn't managing the vault, she's telling Marshall Fohadon and Holm Nestlaven where to move furniture. Even with the hole in the roof that lets in those flakes of snow, it is a lot more welcoming.

An entire suite of new icons are available (a few are shown below) and should make it easier to see at a glance what augmentation, technique, or item you're looking at. Also included with the icon update are specific pet icons, instead of that drab collar that left many wondering "just what is -that- for".

Kion has been lacking a training dummy for quite a while now. That has been remedied - except it doesn't look like a training dummy. Come on down and take a poke at the desert oyster!

During your lonely travels, there's new allies who can assist in your journey. A word of warning though, don't think that because Wyverns look like Dragons, that they are related to Dragons. Well - you can think that all you want, but you'll only say it once (if there's a Dragon around).

... and no update would be complete without some gorgeous Dryad wings.

Whether you are just starting on your journey in Istaria, or you are an experienced warrior of many years, the people of Istara need your help. Will you heed their call?

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