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a bitter wind

island of ice

With this latest update to Istaria, the team brings you some major changes to the Island of Ice. In addition to rebuilding much of the island so that the very roads around the island are different, this update introduces Daily Quests. These quests can be repeated once every 24 hours, so they are fully customized to your specific play experience.


daily quests

Some of these Daily Quests are also available at our Spring Festival. This year's festival introduces new flowers for building on plots as well as a new type of pet to follow you around.


surplus vendors

In addition, we've changed the new player experience greatly by adding adventuring gear to vendors from New Trismus to Dalimond. This will help those first starting out with some basic gear that they can use to complete the various quests through these regions and carry them beyond. Look for Surplus Vendors in New Trismus, Kion, Sslanis and Dalimond.


new launcher backgrounds

And with this update, Istaria the game has become a bit more able to be customized. The game launcher comes with a unique selection of new backgrounds that will rotate through each time you log in. And you can customize the game further by adding your own screenshots to the folder.


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