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The crystalshaper



Long thought lost, the knowledge of crystalshaping—of crafting crystals into usable form—has been rediscovered in ancient texts. Now, the Council of Elders is sending the Gifted on a hunt to learn more about this ancient knowledge and to bring it back to dragonkind wherever it might lead them—from the furthest reaches of Aradoth or even to fragments of the Realm of Fire itself..

The Fiery Rift, one such fragment, has drifted closer to the Prime over the ages and is now more accessible and traversed than before. It is a place alien to the residents of Aradoth—a place of fire and ash and death. Many who venture there never return and even fewer return unchanged. But atop it all, the Fiery Rift is a place of profound majesty and power unrivaled in the Prime.


The Lost Art of Crystalshaping

Centuries ago, the Elders of dragonkind fled through the Gate of Embers into the realms that lie beyond the Prime. While they were gone, the world of Aradoth was torn apart by war. First were the wars of the Age of Sorcery, then The Lamentation, and finally the great Invasion of Western Aradoth. At long last, the Gate of Embers was reopened, and a few Elders returned to lead their people into a new age.

But after the first few Elders returned, the Gate has remained quiet, and none save Relstaroth and Balennos have crossed its boundary. The Council of Elders, who sit in judgment over all of dragonkind, have grown concerned and have sent Valkoth and Semeneth to investigate.

The two dragons, both revered Elders in their own rights, have made great discoveries about the nature of dragonkind and of Drulkar himself! Along the way, they discovered that the ancient art of crystalshaping may not be entirely lost, and so the Council has begun looking to the Gifted to finish the task that Valkoth and Semeneth began.


The Fiery Rift

A sliver of the Realm of Fire, over the ages, has drifted closer to the Prime and has become more accessible and more easily traversed. It is a place of fire and death, and the few who have been there—even Relstaroth and Balennos—are loath to speak much of it, for their memories of that time are clouded.


There’s lots more happening with this update. You can see everything that was included in the Crystalshaper Update by reviewing the official release notes here.