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Never before have the Gifted been able to tame the creatures of Istaria. Most are openly hostile toward even the most Gifted of adventurers and crafters, and those that aren't tend to run and hide when approached. But one old gnome, who lived far from civilization for decades, has returned with a tale of how to tame some of the critters into becoming pets.


Pets are a new addition to the world of Istaria. Killian, an NPC in Gnomekindle Town, offers a quest to any who greet him. This quest will allow a player to earn the Winter Pup pet. Pets will help carry items that Adventurers and Crafters collect in their travels. As a dedicated and loyal companion, pets will follow their new friend in the world of Istaria, even through portals.

special Anniversary Gifts

During the month of December, players with active, paid access will receive a Shepherd Dog pet on all account characters. The Shepherd Dog Pet is just one of the special Anniversary Gifts being given to players during our Anniversary Event which runs from December 10th through December 31st. Other items include new fashionable gear and special items for a plot or lair.


There’s lots more happening with this update. You can see everything that was included in the Crystalshaper Update by reviewing the official release notes here.