Little is known of the origin of the Sslik race. Reports dating back over one thousand years exist that describe their nomadic wanderings across the continent of Aradoth. It was during this time, long before the construction of Sslanis, that the Sslik lived in loosely-coupled tribes, their history passed down by legends and word of mouth.

The native Sslik tongue was never truly developed into a written language,
Sslikand not even understood by the other living races until shortly before the Age of the Warrior King.
Because the Sslik had not accepted the benefits of civilization until some five-hundred years ago, there is much debate as to what Sslik legends are true and how they experienced the early years of existence.

However, throughout the Age of the Dragon there are many accounts of the Sslik from Human explorers coming into contact with these reptilian bipeds.

Although no recorded unprovoked attacks on other racial villages during their early nomadic age exist, several documents contain detailed reports from Human and Elven scouts entailing small skirmishes with groups of "dragon-men" when exploring new territory.

Due to the rising animosity between human and dragons, many Sslik tribes were attacked out of fear, the Sslik showing no restraint in defending themselves.

Eventually the Sslik began to migrate westward across human-occupied land, seeking a land that they could call their own. Eventually the crossed the Sable Straights to the island of Lesser Aradoth and there found the southern jungles.

The island was already populated by another race, the Saris, but they rarely ventured into the southern lands, preferring to remain in the north on their beaches and forests.

The Sslik simply moved in and for a time both races co-existed with little contact. Eventually, however, they began to interact, trading at first, and developing a basic understanding of one another. They would eventually use the knowledge gained from the Saris to construct a city of their own, the first large-scale permanent Sslik settlement, and one that they could truly call their home without fear of persecution.

In what may be a very interesting twist of fate, the Sslik have been spared most of the brunt of the assault by the Withered Aegis due to their location on Lesser Aradoth. The Sslik’s former persecutors, however, have endured many hardships during the Age of Lamentation on the main continent. The Sslik, while eager to help the Living Races during this time of need, make no secret that they have not forgotten the trials and tribulations they have gone through at the hands of others.

Time will only tell if the Sslik, now in a much stronger position than these other Living Races, seek a path of enlightenment as their Saris friends teach, or a path of vengeance as their persecutors of their past have.The Sslik are reptilian-stock beings that are genderless, as they reproduce in an asexual manner. Their behavior and manner of existence is somewhat alien when compares to the other Living Races, unfortunately contributing to the animosity the other races have for the Sslik.

While the Sslik clearly share some traits with the Dragons, they do not appear to be directly related to them. The Sslik are extremely strong and focused beings, and they prize their exceptional abilities as Warriors and also of Shamans, calling upon both to aid their people in times of need. The natural strength and focus of the Sslik lend well to certain trades in Istaria; the Sslik make excellent Alchemists, Enchanters and strangely enough, Masons.

* * * * *
The Sslik came to the jungle of Lesser Aradoth during the Age of the Warrior-King, fleeing from persecution in one form or another by most of the other Living Races; only the Saris and the Humans seem to have never been a direct contributor to the plight of the Sslik, and the Humans only because they remain ambivalent to the Sslik in general.

Once the Sslik settled in this region, they began the task of creating an outpost that they might be able to defend themselves against the hostile advances of the other races that they had come to expect. As a result, Sslanis stands out as an impressive fortress within the jungle. The walls and structures of Sslanis are reinforced with copious amounts of stone, highlighting the Sslik’s preference for stone over other resources.

With the neutral Humans as a buffer across the Sable Straits, and the idealistic Saris as a friendly neighbor, Sslanis never faced the sieges and attacks it was originally designed to withstand. The city was allowed to grow and prosper; today, it serves as a center of commerce and trade between the Saris, Humans, and the Sslik.

With the onset of the Lament, Sslanis also became one of the few cities untouched by the decay of the Withered Aegis. Sslanis hosts impressive training facilities as well as manufacturing devices. With the reactivation of many teleport gates following the Battle of Tazoon, Sslanis’s secluded location far from the front lines of battle has proven to be a superior locale for training, crafting, and trading.

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