The Saris are a proud race, originating from feline stock. They have existed for several millennia on Lesser Aradoth, and for the last few centuries have shared the island with the oft-ostracized Sslik. They have cohabitated with the Sslik in relative peace, and the Saris have been one of the largest contributors of material and manpower to the Living Races during the Age of Lamentations.

SarisThis is not surprising, as the foundations of Saris thought and civilization stand in stark contrast to those of the Withered Aegis.

The Saris are an extremely spiritual race, and they view the tampering and exploitation of souls as a direct violation of their moral code.

The Saris have enjoyed the luxury of maintaining their way of life in relative safety from the Withered Aegis, being on the furthest reaches of the mainland.

Some races hit hardest by the Lament, especially the Elves, bear some animosity against the Saris because of this.

The Saris’ slight air of superiority about them certainly does not help matters in this regards, though their assistance against the Withered Aegis is never turned away when offered.

The Saris are of average height, with their bodies covered in a light fur.

The Saris’ fur comes in a wide array of colors and textures; family lines of the Saris are often determined by fur color and composition. The Saris are by far the most dexterous of all the Living Races, and they make for superb Scouts and Rangers. The Saris also are noted for being some of the foremost Monks in Istaria, blending the arts of unarmed combat with the tenets of spirituality.

The natural dexterity of the Saris make them skilled at trades relying on a fine, steady hand. Many Saris tradespeople are renown Tailors and Jewelers. These trades go well with the Saris' preferences for light clothing and armor, as well as their cat-like fascination with shiny gems and metals.

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Kion, the home of the Saris of Istaria, is an open and sprawling collection of structures along the sandy northern shores of Lesser Aradoth. The Saris have adopted a distinct style of architecture, based on cultural events and history. Color and design serve as a significant indicator of function and purpose within Saris society, and their architecture reflects this. Kion has existed as the main outpost of the Saris for many years, and it has done so in relative tranquility.

There are no walls around the city itself, though the central structures of Kion are reinforced against raid and siege. The city has remained relatively unchanged over the years, though the recent re-opening of the teleport gates has brought an influx of other Living Races to Kion. A significant number of these visitors come seeking one of the few Monk trainers to be found in Istaria.

Kion also supports a brisk trade economy, being strategically located near several basic resource deposits. The cancerous touch of the Withered Aegis, however, has not spared even Kion in its relative safety; malign denizens still roam Lesser Aradoth near the city, and an unwary traveler might find themselves beset by adversity.

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