The Fiends are an offshoot of the Human race, though they have long surrendered any claims of lineage or association with the Humans. Physically, they resemble stunningly beautiful Humans; their bluish tinted skin, their pronounced forehead horns, and their wiry, prehensile tails are the distinct racial traits that separate them from their Human ancestors. Their blued, icy skin is the product of generations spent living in the frozen wastes of the northern part of the world.

They are not bothered by the harsh climes, and thrive where others would find the cold unbearable.

All Fiends are creatures of physical beauty; none of them are anything less than striking in appearance, neither to themselves nor to their Human relatives.

This beauty, however, is merely a pleasing countenance to what history shows as a sinister nature... they say there is a reason they (and everyone else) call themselves the Fiends.

During the Age of the Sorcerer, Humans began their intensive study of arcane lore and its ties to the land itself.

The majority of the schools of magic that are practiced today were developed and refined during this era. Certain schools, especially those that dealt with mental domination and necromancy, were forbidden from use in Human society.

However, a cadre of Human sorcerers and necromancers who sought power through these forbidden schools of magic posed a threat to Human society at large, and they were summarily exiled from Human culture.

This exile was not a gentle one, and wars raged between the two sides, culminating in the exiled embracing a new deity, Niatha Moraven, the Goddess of Vengeance and Power. With the power of a deity behind them, the exiled were able to resettle in the frigid lands of northern Aradoth, far from Human society.

Niatha Moraven marked her new followers by making them strikingly beautiful, but in turn giving them bestial features like horns and tails.

To this day, the Fiends call Niatha Moraven the "Mother of the Fiends". Because the Fiends have sacrificed some of their physical gifts for mental ones, they excel in all fields of scholarly and arcane endeavor, particularly the areas of Sorcery, Conjuration and Spellcrafting as well as the study of the spirit, a holdover perhaps from the ancient study of necromancy.

* * * * *
The Fiends rule their icy realm from the towering city of Kirasanct, high in Aradoth’s northern mountains. Kirasanct is a young city, much like the race that inhabits it. The city is a testament to the Fiendish desires of seclusion from outsiders, while displaying their ostentatious sensibilities. Kirasanct is a walled fortress of metal and stone, with a massive central tower in the heart of the city.

Spindly frames circle the city wall, giving the city a fearsome silhouette at a distance. Kirasanct proper lies on a plateau in the center of a vast valley, allowing for a significant distance around toe city to be surveyed from the central tower and the high, arching walls of the city. It is clear that the purpose behind the city is to keep unwelcome visitors out, and considering the Fiends for who they are, that means just about all the other Living Races.

Even today, when cooperation amongst the Living Races is at a virtual pinnacle, Kirasanct remains an inhospitable place for those save the Fiends.It is said that the Fiends chose to found Kirasanct over a source of potent magical essence in the hopes that it would fuel their rituals and sorceries. With the onset of the Lament, such a decision to dwell close to potent and at times unstable essence proved to be especially fruitful when combating the Withered Aegis.

The Living Races needed a place to conduct important spell research that was easily defended against invasion. In a rare sign of cooperation, the Fiends agreed to house a majority of the spell research done in developing strategies to thwart the Aegis’ advance. With a significant supply of essence still, and with a cadre of skill magical practitioners, Kirasanct remains a center of spell research for the Living Races.

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